Sunday, September 4, 2016

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Roland Abu Hassan -SIPartner+ PPD Timur Laut PP.

What is the best option of good teaching n learning process?

This was a very simple question asked by a participant to me during a briefing session with a group of new teachers in Penang recently..

My answer..maybe right or maybe can be corrected by all of u out there..
Teaching is not an easy job..being a teacher with a current situation u need strong desire n eqquiped with current knowledge, technology, daily situation n achieving MOE kpis n so on..

1. Content knowledge..must truly understand standard of curriculum, content of the text book n other knowledge related to the subject matter.

2. Pedagogical content knowledge..21st century learning must be able to relate with this basic 4Cs + 1C..communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity n plus computer or ict..students base activity or student centered tnl can be collaborated with activities such as inner n outer circle, sequence n act, think pair n share, north n south n other methods..remember..teachers must be able to achieve tnl objective n the success criteria of tnl.

3. Understanding of students success in tnl.

4. Knowing of students ability through cognitive domain, affective domain n physical domain.

5. Blended learning with all combinations of content, pedagogy, assesment with 3 domains n  blend in with 6 students aspirations under MEBP 2013-2025..knowledge, thinking skill, leadership skill, language skill, national identity n unity.

6. Not giving good tnl..directly or indirecly the students gained something base on their attitude, knowledge, skills n good values..
All above are inline with MOE vision n mission..

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